Our US & UK Team

Erik Lou
Erik LouVice President of Product Management
Erik joined Incentive Networks in 2004 and manages the ongoing development of the Incentive Networks product platform and the day to day operations of the San Carlos team.
Jasna Stefanovic
Jasna StefanovicCSM, Agile Coach
Also known and ‘Mighty Mouse’, Jasna is the ball of energy at the heart of Incentive Networks. As Senior Project Manager she keeps the entire IN ship afloat and on course.
Michael Luciano
Michael LucianoDirector of Software Engineering
After joining the Incentive Networks team in 2013 as a Sales Engineer, Michael quickly ascended to the Director of Engineering position. With over 10 years of software development experience Michael’s innovative thinking and strong leadership is keeping Incentive Networks on track to be a leader in the industry.
Karen Snyder
Karen SnyderGlobal Director, Partner Marketing and Management
Anusha Bhat
Anusha BhatMarketing Coordinator
Devang Desai
Devang DesaiSoftware Engineer
Maria DeSouza
Maria DeSouza Senior Software Engineer
Crafting robust web application backends and microservices.
Marie Fonters
Marie FontersUK Marketing Coordinator
Responsible for campaign management, Marie is the first point of contact for our partners & merchants in the UK market. French by birth, Marie settled in London in 2014 after traveling throughout Europe.
Peter Kwan
Peter KwanLead Designer
Peter takes pride on working closely with clients and coworkers to achieve the highest standards of design and craftsmanship.
Claudia Leon
Claudia LeonStrategic Marketing Manager
David S. Morris
David S. MorrisSales Engineer
David joined Incentive Networks in 2015, coming to cloud from IC design verification. Supports Partners doing integrations and provides product training. He enjoys debugging, problem solving, making movies, sailing, and vegan cuisine.
Greg Norman
Greg NormanDirector of Production
An eleven year veteran of the Incentive Networks team, Greg manages the front end team and development for partners both domestic and international.
Kavi Selvaraj
Kavi SelvarajLead Analyst Quality Assurance
Loren Hale
Loren HaleSoftware Engineer
Miriam Traore
Miriam TraoreProject Manager
Miriam joined Incentive Networks in February of 2016. She spends her day as the liaison between business and engineering helping to ensure the team produces efficient and high quality work
David Wright
David WrightSenior Software Engineer
6 years at Incentive Networks, Expertise in Perl, Ruby and Javascript.
Tom Mornini
Tom MorniniSenior Software Architect
I've been involved with computers since 1978. I was fortunate enough to hop aboard the Ruby on Rails bandwagon in 2005 and founded Engine Yard, Inc. in 2006. It's been quite a ride since then.

I'm currently very focused on building realtime high-availability, high-throughput, low-latency realtime information systems using Go and Docker.​
Victor Sanchez
Victor SanchezFront End Engineer

Additional Offices Worldwide